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The dos and don’ts of appointment taking at Atalian Interactive


Generating appointments through outbound calls – that’s one of the many things we do at Atalian Interactive in order to make your business grow successfully. We meet your prospects on their terms and we get them interested enough to meet up and get the deal done. So what is it that we do – or don’t do – that makes Atalian Interactive good for your business?

  • We smile when we talk to your prospective clients. We don’t just talk: we let them feel that we are happy to talk to them.
  • We plan our calls. We are prepared when we call your clients or prospective clients. We know how to carry out the call so we can bring your prospects where you want them to be.
  • We (obviously) take time zones into account.
  • We make sure we get the attention of the interlocutor straight off. So we hit them with an offer that’ll make them want to talk to us.
  • But we don’t tackle them aggressively. We come onto them quickly but not so fast that we scare them off. We take the time to understand their needs.
  • We don’t have a one-sided conversation where we just throw a ton of info at the prospective customer. In brief, we don’t robotically repeat scripts without giving the prospect time to talk. We engage them into a conversation and tailor calls in order to keep them interested.
  • We advertise the benefits, not the features, of your products or services. People want to know what good it’ll do them to buy the products or services we bring to them, so we try to figure out their issues and offer them the things they’ll find they cannot refuse.
  • If they still object after hearing the benefits, we don’t give up. We try to understand where the ‘no’ is coming from and try to work our way around that. We make them understand that other people had the same objections, but after the appointment, they were convinced otherwise. And then we go on with setting an appointment date.
  • We also try to schedule appointments so that we avoid the “too busy to meet” excuse. We offer appointments of a reasonable length at times that fit into the prospect’s schedule.
  • When we get hard questions, we don’t try to blab our way out of it nor do we act unconfident and tell the prospect straight up that we don’t know. We make sure to find out and get back to them, or direct them to the appropriate person.
  • We minimize hold times when we make the customers wait, or they’ll just hang up on us…which is to be avoided at all costs. We’d rather keep the conversation going while looking for info rather than get them to wait.
  • We move with technology and use the best tools to help us get the job done.