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Help desk 101: What the ideal tech support should be like


We know this lesson and we go by the book to make Atalian Interactive's helpdesk services one of the best you'll work with.

Here’s what good tech support should include:

  1. The focus: listening to our customers
  2. Our team knows how to make unhappy clients feel loved again: they listen. While speed is essential, they also know how to focus on a call, understand the problem and provide the best solution applicable in each case. They take a little walk in the customer's shoes and look for the best approach to tackle the problem at hand effectively.

  3. The right technology to better enable our tech support
  4. Our Project Managers make sure they regularly exchange with our development team in order to provide our clients with tailor-made, proven solutions.

  5. Keep It Simple Stupid
  6. The customer can always expect honesty and transparency from our team. From the opening to the closing of the ticket, you will always be informed as to how your issue is being dealt with.

  7. Building our success by learning from our mistakes
  8. As with all jobs that are dynamic and fast-paced, it is important that the support team learns and grows from past experience to better deal with upcoming challenges. This, and managing tickets in the best of ways, requires self-discipline from each of our team members.

  9. Being a geek is not enough
  10. While we do expect our support team to be tech-savvy, we also expect them to have good interpersonal skills, and not baffle customers seeking their help with geek talk. Communication and interpersonal skills are important for the customers to understand and appreciate the help that he is receiving.