Customer Service Management Outsourcing

Our multilingual receptionists take over fully or partially from your hosts 24/7 in accordance with your SLAs.

Provide your customer with a coherent course of action which is fast and responsive when treating his request and develop up-sell/cross-sell strategies before, during and after the sale.

Create permanent or temporary special numbers (green/grey/magenta) that allow you to support customer requests and complaints and ensure follow up in exceptional circumstances.

Put your mind at ease by having control over the response time, the quality and the follow up on inbound calls that are handled by your employees.

Simple, fast and neutral, we collect the responses that will help you reach the conclusions you need to make the best decisions.

Lower the number of cancellations by setting up loyalty building, prevention and retention action plans.

By collecting and analyzing the information on your product and markets, business activity monitoring is an excellent tool to increase competitiveness in your business.

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