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The implementation of and outsourced process for support functions is no trivial matter.

The joint drafting of the service level agreement (SLA) formalizes the mutual responsibilities as well as the level of service targeted.

The focal points of the contract include:
  • the definition of the expected service, according to the state of the art, the objectively measurable technical and practical specifications.
  • the definition of the level of performance that will provide the terms for penalty and bonus with regards to the remuneration of the service provider.
  • the responsibilities of both parties and the transfer of risk cover (insurance etc) following the risk grid applied to the outsourced operation.
  • the transfer process of the outsourced activity which comprises of audits and inventories validated beforehand.
  • the conditions that allow the continuation of the service and performance (in case of gradual or brutal change of activity or even a crisis).
  • the terms for the application of the reversibility clause of the outsourcing (backsourcing).
  • the procedure for control on the outsourcing (follow ups, audits).

In most cases, the client provides the subcontractor with the tools, software, training and process.

In turn, the subcontractor provides and manages human resources with the objective to reach the level of service defined in the contract.

Ultimately, outsourcing must allow enterprises choosing this type of services to:
  • Improve the performance by following up on the level of service.
  • Transfer the human resource management.
  • Grow without making lasting financial commitments.
  • Manage the flow of activity by adapting the appropriate resources.
  • Diversify the operational risks (time zone, service, continuity, etc)

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